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Vision Nepal was founded in 2013. It is a non–government, not for profit organization without any particular religious, racial, political or government affiliation. Our prime objective is to create improved education, and living environments to some of the most  needy and disadvantaged member of Nepalese society-rural and poor children, and to the “Dalits” the so called traditional lower caste groups who are facing exclusion from normal service delivery mechanisms.

Vision Nepal is registered at The District Administration office under the Ministry of Home Affairs of Government of Nepal. It has also been affiliated to Social Welfare Council Nepal (S.W.C).

Although Vision Nepal is only in its 4th year it is already making head way in improving the lives of children and youth, our main target group through sponsorship.  It has also helped in the rebuilding efforts from the money our sponsors contributed after the 2015 earthquakes.

Although immensely rich in many aspects, Nepal has often been termed as a "poor" country lagging behind in its development processes. Evidently, this is mainly due to lack of opportunities to quality education which has resulted in unskilled and inefficient manpower that seem either unfit or else incompetent in contributing to the development process of this country. In a country like Nepal, it is disheartening to see our kids being deprived even from the opportunity of basic education which is usually believed to enable them to be self reliant individuals on their own recourse.Read More

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