About us

Vision Nepal Memorable Foundation, Appeal for the support to Children Education!!!

Dear Guest, Friends and Well-wishers, Greetings from Nepal!!! Time and tides waits for none. Time is the most powerful power that heals every wound. It has been 8 & 5 years that we lost our two most important members of our family i.e., Late Dhawa Dorje Lama and Late Maiti Tamang. Losing our own is horrible and the grief behind it unbearable.

Though my life was traumatized, I decided to give real tribute to my departed souls by uplifting the most marginalized and poorest of the poor of Nepalese society to bring them in mainstream national life by holistic transformation through integrated approach. Thus, we established Vision Nepal in 2013.

Vision Nepal was inspired by many things that have happened in my life, including personal tragedy & observation of the many needs of the people of Nepal, particularly in the region of eastern Nepal where I was born and raised. It was set up to create improved opportunities for education, and living environments for some of the most needy and disadvantaged members of Nepalese society – rural and poor children,

Although Vision Nepal is only in its 4th year it is already making head way in improving the lives of children and youth, our main target group through sponsorship. It has also helped in the rebuilding efforts from the money our sponsors contributed after the 2015 earthquakes.

At this time we only have two regular donors and thus we appeal to every individual to support us for our effort. Whatever you donate, large or small, matters a lot so we invite all the like-minded people and institutions / donors / charities / religious groups to be part of it. We want to assure you that the amount you donated will be used only for the purpose mentioned above.

Vision Nepal is founded on the dream that brave and generous volunteers from across all backgrounds from Nepal and abroad could work together to bring about genuine, sustainable change for Nepali communities.

With its rich cultural history, environmental diversity, breathtaking landscapes and spiritual fervor, Nepal is an astounding country that moves its children and visitors alike. Yet it is not without problems: its history has been tumultuous, its geography can be treacherous, and despite its ever-resilient people, the struggle continues.

During the decade long civil war beginning in 1995, Nepal’s fragile economy was shattered. Already poor families now had even bleaker opportunities for a decent livelihood. Children and women became increasingly vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, family separation, recruitment for conflict-related purposes and illegal detention. This merely compounded the issues associated with Nepal’s long history of caste discrimination and social marginalization, which causes immense disparities within society.

At the height of the conflict in 2004 we gathered a team of Nepalese development workers including social activists and volunteers because we believed we could combat the prevalent shortages in education, healthcare and women’s rights in Nepal more efficiently than the existing international organizations.

More recently, our work has taken on a new important dimension following the devastation of the 2015 earthquake, and we have since doubled our efforts to sustain and increase our humanitarian projects.


Maximize Volunteer Impact:

Enable international volunteers to make a significant contribution to the ongoing development of Nepal and engage in a life-changing cultural exchange

Improve educational Standards:

Develop the strength and capacity of Nepali children of all backgrounds to work towards their own development and that of the nation as a whole

Empower Woman:

Work with women to develop their economic and social independence through education and skills training

Provide Skills Training Poor Communities:

Help train, educate and support the poorest communities to allow them to manage their own development projects

How we are raising money?

Regular sponsorship from couple of Australian donors

Occasional sponsorship, mainly from Australia from specific fund raising initiatives. – E. g. The earthquake appeal

Occasional donations from trekkers to Vision Nepal Foundation

In the future we hope to achieve regular contributions (20% of prices go to Vision Nepal projects) through:

Our specialized cultural home stays in Phulasi region

Volunteer Health awareness programs in Phulasi region

English language education volunteer programs in Phulasi region