Your Contribution To Underprivileged Children in Nepal

Vision Nepal is committed to take complete care of the needs of the students living and studying here. We are making every effort to maintain the highest standard of educational training according to the teaching of our founder. To achieve this, and to fulfill our commitment, we need your help.

When Padam Lama established Vision Nepal in the early 2013s, it was their wish that the children’s should be totally taken care of in order to allow them the freedom to concentrate on their education. Padam have always encouraged local children and young people to take ordination. To live in the vows just for one year is considered very beneficial. Providing a secure and supportive environment for these young people to follow the teachings of the makes the work of V.N extremely worthwhile.Giving generously to a worthy cause like this, with a good heart and pure motivation does not only help the students, but also gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the survival of the religious and cultural tradition of Nepal.

Sponsoring a students

Your sponsorship is a commitment to take care of the living cost of a children’s for an extended period of time. It will enable a children’s to live and study. At the same time you support the continued study and practice of the teachings.

If a full sponsorship is not within your budget, you can also partially sponsor a children for 30 US$ per month (360 US$ per year.)It takes only 50 US$ per month, (600 US$ per year) to provide a children with all necessities of daily life – food, clothing, medical care.

The sponsorship contribution helps the Vision Nepal to take care of all children equally, and is not directed at particular children. In this way the benefits of your generosity will continue as long as the V.N exists, and you are helping the whole community of children, a whole new family. Vision Nepal does support the sponsorship of individual children- all residents of the V.N should benefit from your generosity. You name and contact details will be added to our e-newsletter and to our mailing list. Once a year V.N offers special Programs for all benefactors and sponsors of the V.N, and your name will be also added to this dedication.

These are the types of sponsorship to choose from

  • A part sponsorship of the living cost for one children’s at US$ 30 a month
  • A full sponsorship of the living cost for one children’s at US$ 50 a month

You can also set up a monthly deduction directly on the donation form that pops up when you click on the DonateNow button. This is not only more convenient for you; it also helps the monastery with the long term planning. You can make payment on a yearly basis and pay the full sponsorship amount in one go.

If it is not possible for you to sponsor a children’s at this time, consider making a one off donation to the Education Fund or Food. We will confirm all sponsorships and donations by mail. You will also receive the occasional e-newsletter from the Monastery. Our blog will provide you with regular updates on activities.

Please note:

Below you have the option to sponsor a children. The donations for the nuns will go into a separate fund which supports the children.

Established in 2007, National Education and Buddhist Teaching Primary School was catastrophically damaged by the 2015 Earthquakes. With education seriously underfunded by Government, the future of Nepal’s children rests with NGO’s like Vision Nepal.  Children are studying in woefully inadequate temporary classrooms which overheat in the strong Nepalese sunshine and leak during the heavy rains of the monsoon season.

Mr. Raj Kumar Bohara, the proud Principal of Shree Kali Devi Higher Secondary school and Mr. Indra Bdr. Khatri of National Education And Buddhist Teaching Primary School. Only 15% of students continue beyond intermediate level and less than 1% of the students get the opportunity to go to university.

State of the problems:

Due to the lack of economic fund the school is not able to create good physical environment in the school though we are keenly interested to manage. Now we have lack of a building. NRN made the two rooms for the school. There are all together 6 rooms that all are used. We are conducting from Grade 1 to grade 5. And Next Shree Kali Devi Higher Secondary school is compelled to conduct 10+2 classes in the morning shift though government policies and instruction is to conduct those classes in the day time. So to create the child friendly rooms in the school we are seeking temporary classrooms the help to construct a good building at school.

Importance and Implication of the programmer: Our main aim is to make toilets for the students for their proper personal hygiene and supply water through the Water Supply Project. Get More Information


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