Earthquake Relief Program

Vision Nepal Earthquake Appeal and expanded objectives:

Creating equal opportunities for the poor and most disadvantaged marginalized community in Nepalese society…

  • Supporting children through scholarship & sponsorship
  • Providing students and their families most in need with money for books, food, & school fees (a major barrier to non- attendance)
  • Increase resources & teaching aids to teachers
  • Reduce the drop- out rates of students who are financially & socially disadvantaged
  • Provide incentives for students to complete their high school education & make the transition to tertiary training
  • Creating equal opportunities for the poor & most disadvantaged in Nepalese society

This is what many families in Nepal have faced on 25th April 2015 when the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck.

The earthquake claimed lives, & reduced infrastructures such as homes & schools to rubble. Many children were orphaned & lost everything.

The earthquake sent the people of Nepal to their knees … show you really care & help them rise again.

On 25 April 2015, 11:41 a.m. local time, an earthquake with a 7.8 magnitude & a depth of 2 km, hit Nepal near the capital city of Kathmandu.

Thousands of buildings were damaged and collapsed entombing thousands of helpless people. There were series of aftershocks that followed creating more panic to the survivors. Three weeks later, there was another 7.3 magnitude earthquake.

What you can do and Donate to Vision Nepal Immediate Shelter:

The money you give will go directly to The through Vision Nepal–Kathmandu, The project is directly in charge of distributing the funds to the various families in Nepal. The main aim is to help provide portable homes for homeless families to shelter them from the monsoon season which has already started. USD $300.00 is all it cost to put up one portable home.

Education and School Historical Background:
12669571_791627070981331_8259963852086985741_nSave the Children Fund estimated that 2 million children are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance .With more than 1.5 million from the worst-affected areas and There are 460 students enrolled in the Shree Kalidevi Higher Secondary School, two thirds are moderate to extremely poor & 47 students of National Education And Buddhist Teaching Primary School at Lamjure, Phulasi-14 Ramechhap District.this is manifested through the inability of the parents of the family to buy their children:


  • Text books
  • Stationery such as pens and pencils,
  • Writing pads & other school supplies
  • School uniforms

cropped-11.jpgMr. Raj Kumar Boar, the proud Principal of Shree Kali Devi Higher Secondary school & Mr. Indra Bdr. Khatri of National Education And Buddhist Teaching Primary School. Only 15% of students continue beyond intermediate level & less than 1% of the students gets the opportunity to go to university.

Vision Nepal was founded in 2013 by Padam Lama with the purpose of creating educational opportunity for the children of the poorest & most disadvantage families in Nepalese society.

To promote vision, Padam registered Vision Nepal at the District Administration office under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Nepalese Government and Vision Nepal is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council Nepal (S.W.C). It is a non-profit organization with no affiliation to any religious, racial, political or government groups.

Prime Objectives and Prevailing Socio-Economic Status:

The Prime Objective of Vision Nepal is to create an improved education & living environments to the neediest & most disadvantaged members of Nepalese society.

For parents with non-existent or meager incomes, it is an ongoing struggle to keep their children fed & pay for school fees, books & transport to & from school. Through sponsorship, Vision Nepal has helped & will continue to help these children to create opportunities for them to have a brighter future & Please give what you can afford to help bring some normality to their lives

Vision Nepal Announces Earthquake Relief Program:

A Comprehensive Plan to Assist Schools & Students Our vice President visited Phulasi in May to assess the post-earthquake situation on the ground. Hit private homes & School is completely destroyed in this Phulasi. We used this field visit to formulate a comprehensive earthquake relief program that will leverage our core competency in education sector work & our track record of effective implementation of projects in coordination with the government, local bodies & the marginalized community.

Many of students survived the earthquake; some were injured. Some of the schools sustained minor to substantial damage. Our earthquake relief plan consists of three sets of activities spanning from immediate relief to the long-term commitment to the success of our students.

Immediate relief to schools:

For students to receive education, the schools need basic infrastructure. We will help schools with purchase of consumables & non-consumables & repair of basic facilities, first focusing on the schools attended by our students. The government has only provided temporary shelters to the schools so far & is not in a position to undertake major rebuilding any time soon. Our student deserve basic infrastructure in their schools & they need your help to make it happen.

Long term relief to the students and Family:
11224825_853410494747234_4218238874297632163_nLarge number of financially challenged students is even more challenged as some of their family resources will be redirected to rebuilding homes. These students need support now more than ever. We will select severely earthquake student (e.g., death in the family, home completely destroyed & unlikely to rebuild for a year or two), & provide long term support until they complete grade 12. Long-term commitment is the key to positive outcome in education.

Many of our friends & supporters like you have asked Vision Nepal to prepare an earthquake relief program so you could participate more directly in helping the affected. We hope you will find a role in this program, by helping fund this relief program. We need your support now so we can deliver assistance to the schools & students so they may continue their education. We count on your support.

Established in 2013, Vision Nepal’s aim is to raise money for scholarship, sponsorship & making broken schools. Vision Nepal has identified dedicated local coordinators & volunteers to administer the scholarships while meeting its requirements of financial accountability & regular follow-ups with the children.

Donations can help be made by depositing to the following;

In Australia

  • Greater Union Building Society
  • Peter Tingle (Vision Nepal)
  • BSB :  637 000
  • Account Number: 720 853 116
  • Australia

Or In Nepal

  • Bank of Kathmandu Ltd
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Swift code: BOKLNPKA
  • Beneficiary Name: Palmu Lama
  • A/C NO: 02260-0000-177 NPR
  • Chabahil Branch, Kathmandu.

Vision Nepal is a project run entirely by volunteers in Nepal. Vision Nepal has no salaries, compensations, or office expenses.

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