Elderly & Single woman shelter to care

Nowadays more and more elderly and single woman is being left behind or the family is not capable of taking care of their elderly or single woman relative. Diseases such as dementia are often seen as bad spirits or punishments of the gods. Volunteer in Nepal with Vision Nepal and give these people the support they deserve.

Elderly and Single woman shelter in Nepal are increasing. Traditionally the immediate family members are the primary care givers for their older or single woman relatives. But the elderly and single women are now left behind due to the mass movement of young Nepali to foreign countries in search of better jobs. Now there are households full of older or single woman people, without the support of younger relatives. Some elderly and single women are not able to take care of themselves and start living on the street. Government support for senior citizens in Nepal is not there. This further increases their vulnerability, especially if they lack care from family members. Some of them end up in old age homes. Here they have a roof above their head, but facilities to take proper care of them are limited. Volunteers can help to make the lives of these lovely people more bearable and give them some last moments of happiness.

What will I be doing?

Volunteers can help out with the following activities:

  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Organizing entertaining activities
  • Sponsor for supplies

Volunteering at an Elderly and Single woman shelter

Volunteers spend up to 6 hours a day at the center, preparing and running different types of activities or care.  Depending on the volunteer’s level of experience you may also provide education on care methods to the Nepali staff. You can set up different types of activities with the elderly, such as small games as ball throwing, small yoga activities, singing, dancing, gardening, etc.

Do I need any specific skills or qualifications for this placement?

If volunteers have had previous experience with elderly and single woman then may enjoy this placement more. However, previous experience is not a requirement. When choosing to work at the elderly and Single Women you must be patient, friendly and approachable. This work can be very challenging as you have to be pro-active and creative to make the life of these people a bit more bearable. The staff at the center always on hand to help guide you.

Where in Nepal can I volunteer in an Elderly and Single Women shelter to care?

The elderly and single women home is located outside of Kathmandu. You can decide if you want to stay at the elderly home it provided you. To go to and from the elderly single women shelter from the home stay is Phulasi and therefore a bit more costly. Therefore we ask an additional fee of $99 extra per week.

Fundraising for elderly and single woman shelter to care

We from Vision Nepal are happy to announce that we have started collaboration with the Australian clients in the Australia. Together with them we start fundraising.


Are you an old volunteer? Are you a new volunteer and thinking about coming to Nepal? Please think about this project and help us raise funds! Please email ‘fundraise for elder and single woman shelter to care and contact to visionnepal3@gmail.com