Hidden Valley Of Phulasi

Himalayan Hills Range, Near the Majestic Gaurishakar Mountain, is a Hidden Valley Called Phulasi.

Phulasi is a very old Buddhist region, with a long history of Dharma practice, and blessed by meditators, such as Padmasambhava, Milarepa and many others. It is highly conducive place for practice and a special place to attain liberation in this lifetime. Its many villages are clustered along the river raging down the steep valley. Among the settlements Sang Chholing Gompa.

Sang Chholing Gompa is home to Karma Thupten, meditating, praying and studying. Here, the transformation has been amazing. In the beginning the water for daily cooking and washing had to be taken from the spring. No water is piped from a spring high up near hills area, ensuring a water supply even in anytime. Both communities previously had no electricity, so after dark everybody had to rely on a candle or butter lamp. They now have electricity from the hydroelectric plant nearby. Sang Chholing Gompa was established in 1681 and again rebuild by Karma Thupten, a Tibetan’s lama who meditated in the caves dotted along the rim of the valley. Again in 1983 His generation Lama Meme TOKOLE renovated the whole Gompa. His present generations Lamas are take care of the communities and Gompa. At that time, the Lama were living in extremely dire circumstances as well & having very little to eat.

In the 2013 Vision Nepal, a charity devoted to help the Children’s poor family, set up in the Phulasi area of Nepal. At that time Vision Nepal was established as a spiritual center for the community. Over the years many of the children’s were relocated to various other countries, and as a consequence the number of Nepalese children dropped. The children of Yolmopa, Tamang families, the ethnic group living in that area, were accepted into the school as places became available.

Over the years it became clear to the manager of  Vision Nepal that there were Buddhist and ethnic families in remote areas who would like to send their children to a school that supported their language and religious culture, but there were not good enough learning English. Sending them to Kathmandu was no alternative as it was too expensive for the average family.

The parents of the children in the area approached Vision Nepal to help them taking care of the children. As part of its community activity, some of the families of these children are very poor. They live in remote hill areas, doing subsistence farming and occasional work as farming or porters during the trekking season. The Vision Nepal would like to offer scholarships to the children of those families who are too poor to afford the school fee of US$50/- per month.

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