Home Stay Volunteer Tours

Join Vision Nepal for three or four weeks Home Stay Volunteer Travel & Tours Experience! Our program gives you an opportunity to volunteer in one of our projects and explore three different regions of the country.

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This trip will allow you to discover as much as possible of Nepal, while giving back to the local Nepali communities around you

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Where will you be going?

The tour starts in the Kathmandu Valley, with its UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. It then takes you south to Chitwan to explore a National Wildlife Jungle Park famed for its unique wildlife you can spot, such as rhino’s, elephants and maybe even tigers and world heritage site of Buddha birthplace Lumbini! From there the journey heads north to the fantastic lake and mountain of Phulasi.

Your cultural journey through Nepal is enriched by opportunities to Home Stay Volunteer Travel & Tours at one of Vision Nepal’s projects across the country:

  • Teaching English, sports, or IT at one of our monasteries
  • Teaching English, sports, or IT in schools
  • Being a homework guide and activity
  • Helping children with intellectual
  • Work with women’s groups, teach English or give workshops etc.
  • Work in an elderly and single woman people’s shelter

This three or four week program has been designed for persons seeking a unique holidays that combines Home Stay, volunteering, cultural engagement, and sightseeing in Kathmandu valley, mountains and jungles of Nepal.