Home Stay Trekking in Nepal

Cost $1549 per person for 8 Days.

Be a guest of Nepalese family!!! Enjoy your holidays with a typical Nepali families stays, share your life experience with the locals who will host you and guide you in discovery of their rites, culture, traditions and beliefs.

Nepal- the land of Himalayas, middle hills and the low land Terai, where has approx. of 70 different ethnic groups living and 91 tribe languages are spoken a part from English and Nepali. It is the country of rural mountains, local villages, oldest cultural peoples and their richest traditions. The country offers such diversity that the visitor may experience any lifestyle from the Stone Age, in far west and high hills, to the jet age of Kathmandu.

Home stay trekking in Nepal is an opportunity for every traveler to enjoy with the typical Nepalese life, local peoples, their richest culture and traditions; visit/trekking/hiking to the different local villages every day, visit different indigenous peoples and inspect their local culture and traditions. While on this trip, you will be staying along with the family – sleeping in a Nepali home, taking their meals with the family

Vision Nepal is beyond from the Business oriented approach. We foster tourism for social development and promote the remote areas of Nepal and help them grow socially and economically. To create the proximity with local cultural, festival and lifestyle we are very much worrying in Nepal. The flabbergast trekking holiday with home-stays in remote village offer you chance to experience firsthand the way of life that has been same from the many centuries. You will have the subtle observation the daily tasks of farming, water management and cooking of the local people as if you are involving yourself. To explore true Nepali spirit and enjoy their daily activities and rituals our home stays Trekking will be crucial opportunity in your life. Moreover you will be fully detached from the city hustle and bustle and enjoy the simplicity, with fresh air in beautiful surroundings while trekking. You should not die to see Heaven while you will be visiting in our Phulasi, Sailung and with different villages, rivers, waterfalls, local schools, community forest, cave etc.

Our major objective of this tour is providing you significance opportunity to contribute to the remote areas of Phulasi village with social and economic aspect. While you will be staying in the village the money which you will be paid will be gone for host family for providing food and accommodation, which directly helps them grow economically. This is really a unique tour as you will have the significant opportunity to contribute the local people of the villages. Vision Nepal has organized such an interesting tour in Nepal since long time.

Trip Highlights:

  • Amazing Kathmandu tour with research able perspective
  • Experience of various culture, rituals and traditional activities.
  • Assimilation in local and new culture with local family in remote village
  • Fully creating the proximity with the local people & enjoy meals & conversation together every night.
  • Becoming native by Sharing the ideas and views of day to day life
  • Trekking to different beautiful villages with local children, guide and host family
  • Amazing view of Gaurishaker & Meluntse Himalayan Range and more…

ACCOMMODATIONIn Kathmandu Three star Hotel

In Phulasi: You will be given the shared room with local family. The size of the room will be moderate and all rooms will be clean, warm and dry, with simple beds. Linen and quilts will be provided but we kindly requested you to bring a sleeping bag with you.

Taste local FOOD and create Brotherhood:

We will provide you golden opportunity to make the proximity with local people of the remote areas as you are being the local and getting very lucky to taste delicious and fresh homemade typical Nepali local food. Dal, bhat, tarkari , achar (rice, curry, pickle)  are the typical Nepali food which is very healthy and fresh. Moreover you will be given the national food of Nepal, Gundrook-Dheedo which is made from wheat, maize and dried green vegetable.

You will be called by Local but ………:

In our context the guest will be taken as a God. You will be offered many foods   when receiving guests in the home. We kindly request you not to accept any food from local villagers other than the local house where you are staying during your trip. The food may not be good and you may get some problems as well. Please if you are visiting the local area go with guide and grab the many local festival and culture.

Toilet will be simple but clean:

The remote area has not flushing toilet and a sewage system. Most of the toilets are made from ceramic basin on the ground or few planks positioned over a hole in the ground. You will be given toilet with bucket and jug, which is used for flushing. You should have your own toilet paper.

Bathing and Landry:

You will not have separate bathing room in village area. The local rivers and spring water creeks are available for bathing and washing clothes. You can use the water with soap while bathing.  Please be simple and follow our culture while staying with our local people. Nudity is strictly prohibited.

Please Kindly focus on:

  • Nepal and Phulasi with some basic cultural context
  • Equipment list and basic foods
  • Important Cultural Tips and Consideration
  • Electronics and Communications devices with own power bank and adaptor
  • Interesting Facts about Nepal and tradition
  • Useful Phrases and Expressions, if possible some Nepalese languages.

Outline Itinerary:

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1300m) you will be received by our representatives and will be transferred to hotel. After checking into our rooms, stay Overnight in hotel Kathmandu.
  • Day 02: Kathmandu valley sightseeing tour. Half day Kathmandu valley sightseeing tour of three places: Kathmandu: Swoyambhunath Stupa, famous Hindu Temple of Pashupatinath and Buddhist pilgrims of Bouddhanath Stupa, overnight at hotel.
  • Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Phulasi you will have scenery view with bus ride Beautiful.
  • Day 04: Phulasi camp and village Tours
  • Day 05: Phulasi Camp and Tours Village.
  • Day 06: Drive from Phulasi to Kathmandu. Overnight in Kathmandu Hotel.
  • Day 07: free Day in Kathmandu and shopping, Overnight Kathmandu Hotel.
  • Day 08: Final Departure  day or free days onward.

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Our humble request to you:

When you consider an adventure trekking and expedition trip to Nepal, we request you to go with the genuine, experienced and the best service provider. After all your safety is the first and foremost priority so please choose the best and reliable company that can take best care of you.

And, we bet, not all the companies do exactly the way you expect it to go. Do not get lured by the low cost with hidden cheap tricks that you don’t realize until you face it. Know the real value of the trip experience and look for the operator who has genuinely high skills and experience of operating the adventure in the Himalayas.

It can be difficult to choose a reliable company out of thousands of companies but if you take a little more time to research about the operator, guides and the company, it definitely brings you the best result.

After all, as a responsible & experienced operator, we want you to be in the best hands for the adventure of your life time so that you get the best safely from it.

The price mentioned in above package is estimated for a luxurious travel package with accommodation in 2 Star to 5 Star hotels only in Kathmandu including meals (3 times meal and tea/coffee a day during Home Stay). In addition to it, highly trained guides are also included with luxury services. The cost mentioned above can be altered according to your needs. Feel free to Contact Us for any queries. or call us 24X7 at +977-9843081190.