How to help

Principles and How Every Cent of Your Donation is Spent?

Vision Nepal is characterized by separately raised funds for education aids and for operational purposes. All the donations designated for education aids are hence used solely for project assistance in Nepal. The organize operational expenses are partially funded by membership dues and partially by sponsorship from Honorary Councilors. In addition, members and volunteers rendering services in Kathmandu Nepal liable to pay for all traveling and boarding expenses from their own pockets.

Helping people to be self-reliant is another distinguished objective of Vision Nepal. For this reason, we would expect those seeking our assistance, that is, peoples living in the Remote mountainous regions, to make their effort and finally be able to participate in the tasks of education improvement.

Vision Nepal provides assistance to 3 fields of work:

Encourage and to facilitate the disadvantaged marginalized kids to join school, Provide free education to kids whose parents cannot afford it, help the kids to become self-reliant for further education after the successful completion of grade 10th.

Strictly adhering to the work guidelines of “On-site assessment, direct subsidy and Long-term follow-up,” on the average groups are dispatched to various localities of Nepal every year. Volunteers forming these teams must pay from their own pockets all costs and expenses incurred by every investigative tour they make in the impoverished regions in order to understand the local economy and the situation on education. Having acquired sufficient information about the school seeking assistance, these volunteers will recommend specific projects to the relevant departments of Vision Nepal for examination approval. Also, projects under assistance will be followed up in the long run to ensure that all donations are put to effective use.

I Would Like To Program Funding Amount:

  • Annual: $775
  • Monthly contributions of $25 support a student’s public school education for one year.
  • Monthly contributions of $45 support a student’s private school education for one year.
  • Monthly contribution of $75 support either a student’s private school, or college education for one year.

Send Money to Bank Details Are Below:

  • Bank of Kathmandu Ltd,
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Swift Code  : BOKLNPKA
  • Beneficiary : PALMU LAMA
  • A/C  NO       : 02260-0000-177 NPR
  • Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.
  • Chabahil Branch, Kathmandu

You may also help us by sending this appeal to your friends/ relatives/firms/and the interested parties who are eager to help the destitute child in Nepal and we have been told that it needs four to five days for the money to get into our account after you wire the same. Above given is the detail of the bank. We hope either of them will come of help to you. Once again we thank you very much for your generous help to us: This is our Cell No +977-9843081190 or Contact us