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According to Wikipedia, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with the highest poverty rate. This is partly due to the fact that many Nepalese children do not have a chance to go to school. Vision Nepal is attempting to improve these statistics by running a sponsorship program for children of low-income families in Nepal. We Try to Support the children’s from marginalized community with poorer back ground as far as possible. Sponsorship through Vision Nepal provides children with the invaluable opportunity to enter or remain in education, and realize their full potential.

Sponsorship Options:

Children most in need of sponsorship are identified in conjunction with the head teachers of schools, village development committees and community representatives. For these children you have the opportunity to provide in the following ways.

Since 2013 Vision Nepal has been sponsoring the following children:

Please help us donating money, stationery items, clothes etc. that we provide to needy children. Your small contribution helps to create a better world.

Sponsor a Child:

Our sponsorship program is designed to assure sustainability for the children in Nepal and to promote a special long-term bond between the sponsor and the child. We ask our sponsors to consider supporting their child up to the age of 18. We understand times can be uncertain financially, and sometimes keeping your commitments can be difficult so you may prefer to make a contribution to our general operating fund or help in other ways. Help child or community child of Nepal by buying food, donating cloth, help to educate, help in school admission program, donate stationary etc.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Vision Nepal wants to ensure that an individual sponsor directly contributes to the education of an individual child, rather than their contribution for sponsorship As a result, the amount of annual sponsorship will very from child to child dependent on a number of factors, notably their age.

As an indicative amount, to sponsor a child through elementary school for a year will cost between 150 and 205 US dollars. We have recently reassessed our costs to ensure we are charging sponsors a price covering only direct costs of sponsorship (with some minor overheads- see cost breakdown) Lower Secondary and Secondary school pupils will cost slightly more. When you register your desire to sponsor, we will choose the next child on our list of worthy candidates and provide you with a description of this child and an annual cost specific to them before you commit. If you have any preferences (for example, a maximum annual contribution you can make), please specify this when submitting the registration form.

How long will my sponsorship last?

Sponsorship is only truly effective if it continues for the duration for the child’s time at school. Therefore, we request sponsors to be committed to supporting the child until they graduate from Grade Ten, in order to provide the child with a true Vision Nepal of education. Therefore sponsor financial relationships can last up to eleven years, depending on the age of the child at the time of sponsorship, though the real relationships can last for a lifetime. Should circumstances arise where the sponsor is unable to continue their sponsorship we request that they advise us as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements. Sponsors are encouraged to provide their donations annually, and we will provide sponsors with revised costs, based on that child’s new class/grade, each year. And some sponsors have chosen to support their child through two years in college once their time in school is complete. This is of course optional for sponsors as it costs up to $499/ per year. Should a sponsor not wish to do this, Vision Nepal will find alternative funding.

Sponsorship Option for

1)   Pema Tshering Lama

Pema is 15 years old and studies in Higher secondary school in Kathmandu. He lives with his parents. Vision Nepal has been funding his education.

2)   Palmu Lama  

Palmu is 10 years old and studies in class five in Kathmandu same school with her brother Pema. She lives with her parents too. Vision Nepal has been funding his education.

3)   Nims Lama

Nims is 2.5 years old and lives with his Parents and now he is kinder garden.

We are always welcome your financial assistance If you have any queries please be free to Contact us. You can make your assistance in the following Expenses for each child  Or Donate Now

  • Bank of Kathmandu Ltd,
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Swift code: BOKLNPKA
  • Beneficiary Name: Palmu Lama
  • A/C NO: 02260-0000-177 NPR
  • Chabahil Branch, Kathmandu