Internship Volunteer Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

During your Internship in Nepal, advance your skills and education while helping others

Vision Nepal offers a variety of opportunities for students wishing to broaden their work experience in their specific field of study. Working in Nepal developing country is a challenge. But it can make your internship all the more rewarding. You will develop new skills, observe different ways of working, gain real-world experience and engage in a meaningful cultural exchange. We are careful to match your skills, knowledge, experience and learning goals to the right placement. In this way you can learn and contribute in the most effective way.

We are not only doing the trekking to Himalayas .we have the major responsibility to offer the education in the society for underprivileged group. We want the memorable trip of our clients and they have to very good opportunity to glance the natural beauty in Nepal. Likewise we want to contribute in education and nourishment of some underprivileged children from rural parts of Ramechhap district, in eastern Nepal.

We are sponsoring the children from various ages and academic levels based on their economic status. Moreover, we have been helping them in education, stationery expenses in Phulasi a part of Ramechhap District. We always for those we are very poor and studious. Due to lack of money they should not stopped their education. So we have made some basic selection area and giving them scholarship.

Education in the modern world has proven to be the most important tool to shape prosperous life. Nepal however, fails to provide the opportunity and the rights of being educated to every child. The victims that are deprived from the opportunity of education are those kids who have experienced the biggest nightmares. Be it the war victim children, or the kids abandoned after family disputes or orphans resulted by natural calamities; kids in Nepal are plenty in number who have no privilege of going to schools. This vulnerable demography of the country is forced for child labor and in case of girls, they are provoked and compelled to be sex workers.

Who are the beneficiaries?

  • Children from poor families with the record of school dropout
  • Children which are termed as from “the so called lower cast” in their society
  • Neglected by their parents

We assure you, the contribution you make will directly benefit the above mentioned groups with no objective of personal gain, as this project is aimed at empowering all those underprivileged children and community in whole. Education is the only powerful tool to combat their misfortunes and to shape their future.

How can you help?

Investing in Children’s Education is investing in the Future Volunteering in Nepal; you have the will power to make a difference in the lives of these children’s souls by supporting this social cause. Sponsors can contribute to the scholarship program for these children in an annual basis. The cost to educate a child for an entire year is just $300, which is our ordinary sponsorship program. 85% of the funds collected will go directly to the children for the educational needs, and other 15% of the amount will go for the administrative purposes to the local coordinators. Local guardians will be authorized to utilize this fund for children education. We have the local monitors who will ensure that the funds are used for the children’s educational needs also evaluate whether the children are really benefited or not. Moreover, they will report the children’s progress the concerned parties. We will periodically send you the children’s regular progress report in every six months to assure you that the contribution you made has indeed been useful for purposes.

With our sponsorship project, we are aiming for the long term commitment from you as in the form of future sponsorship which may require for their High School and University Education. If the child you sponsored is academic talent, he/she may even get the golden opportunity to study abroad, which can certainly benefit everyone. This is what we believe in and plead you for your generosity!

  • Become a volunteer teacher
  • By donating money, one time or regular
  • By organizing fundraising activities

Our Mission:

Our mission is to improve the basic education and health care through empowering the communities involved in our programs. We are dedicated in assisting participants to improve their own lives through educational, health and economic development. We provide opportunities for the people within our programs to develop their own strengths as a community and obtain a brighter future.

  • Education program
  • Environmental awareness program
  • School and class room Maintenance Program

This is an opportunity to help in a wide range of practical village-based projects through volunteering. These projects could be as basic as painting or plastering, however, those with additional skills may be able to help in more advanced work. Projects are usually decided upon in consultation with local communities, but you can use your initiative to suggest projects of your own. It is vital to be sensitive to the needs wishes of the local community. Projects are usually partly funded by the communities and partly by our partner organization and or volunteer contributions. You’ll work with other volunteers in small groups, usually with minimal supervision. Often you’ll also work alongside villagers, learning about traditional methods of building and working. Example projects include school repair and decoration; toilet building; drinking water projects; road drainage projects; recycling projects; stove building; and construction work on our partner organization’s own Children’s home.

Environmental Awareness program:

If you are passionate about saving the environment then it is the time. Through environmental awareness program, it is possible to teach about environmental awareness in public schools, within the community. Environmental Awareness activities programs can also be undertaken in the plan. In this setting projects could include; informing children about the hazards of inappropriate garbage disposal, building a compost bin & teaching the children how to maintain it, creating paper recycling stations to teach the children a valuable skill that could ultimately be used in their future. Get More Information


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