About Nepal According to Lonely Planet’s Annual “Best in Travel List”, Nepal is the Best Value Destination to travel in the year 2017. As per the publication, Nepal is speedily bouncing back from the twin earthquake and the fuel embargo imposed in the year 2015. “It remains a fabulous choice for budget-conscious travelers, who can access the best of its world-famous trekking routes and underrated wildlife for well south. Visitor numbers are slowly recovering and the time is ripe to get back to Nepal’s mighty mountains; wherever you go, you’ll receive a warm welcome, as your visit brings much-needed income to communities getting back on their feet.
Nepal, the country known for Everest, Gautama Buddha and extremely diverse cultural opulence is the hub of Himalayan Tourism. Housing eight out of ten highest peaks in the world, the extremely beautiful and diverse country in terms of nature and culture, Nepal sets the example of mixed up communities living in absolute harmony.

The newest republic nation in the world, Nepal however suffers extreme political instability. Despite having honest and hardworking citizens the country still suffers extreme poverty in most of the remote communities because of ignorance, hard access for services and amenities and precisely saying opaque financial activities.

The country’s GDP hugely depends on remittance money sent by millions Nepalese working overseas. The agriculture and tourism also play significant roles in country’s GDP. However, this is not being sufficient and the rate of youths flying to foreign nations for employment is increasing every day.

Despite having 14 protected parks, 6000 rivers and rivulets and catering many adventurous activities, the country is just able to cater travel services to 1 million travelers, which is very low relating the kinds of amazing landmarks Nepal caters.

In addition, Nepal lies at seismic prone region and hence the threat of quake always loops around Nepal. The perfect example of the natural calamity is Quake 2015, that has pushed Nepal at least a decade back in every aspect of growth and development.

In short Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan country suffering high degree of political instability and resource abasement. Hence, Nepal needs help and the remote communities shall be aware of many social issues. They shall enjoy the basic rights like proper health services, accommodation, balanced nutrition and education. Moreover, the local communities across Nepal shall be equipped with the skills and abilities to exploit all possible resources rapid growth and overall development.