Volunteer placements abroad: a lifetime opportunity for mutual growth


At Vision Nepal we are dedicated to making the most of your time in Nepal while making a difference to the local community. To achieve this we offer a broad variety of volunteer placements around Nepal. No matter if you are a teacher, doctor, builder, or do not have any specific experience. We can find a placement that suits you and gives maximum benefit to the community you work in.

Are you interested in volunteering in a remote mountain monastery, teaching in local schools or helping in child care? Or maybe you want to get hands on experience with an internship in construction or in medical clinics in traditional Nepali communities?


Do you have an hobby or specialist skill that is not listed above? Then please do not hesitate to Contact us directly to ask us about volunteering opportunities in Nepal. In the past we have placed marketers, business consultants, grant writers and web designers to help various causes in Nepal.


We can also combine multiple placements into one trip. Do you want to volunteer in a monastery but also in a health clinic? Or have the chance to experience both rural and urban Nepal? This is easily arranged, but please make it clear when you ApplyNow,


Vision Nepal also offers volunteering programs. Are you interested in coming to Nepal with your school, university, family or group of friends? Then please visit our Volunteer Page for more details of what we can offer.


The locations of placements range from very remote mountain villages to small jungle settlements. And from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu to the relaxed at Phulasi or lakeside of Pokhara. If you are unsure what program you would like to do, but you know where you would like to be, take a look at our Locations Page for inspiration.


Collectively, the Vision Nepal staff have over 23 years work experience with both international and Nepali NGOs. As experts in our field we always look to serve projects with the most need for international aid. This can be through manpower or financial support. When organizations approach us for support we spend up to 2 months observing them before deciding to support them or not. We do this to ensure your skills and money go into the right hands. For more information about Vision Nepal and our Mission please go to our  About us Page.

Making positive, tangible change happen:

The Vision Nepal was founded in 2013 by a small group of Student’s and Trekking guide who were drawn to Nepal for the remote village, but returned again and again for the people. They wanted to respond to the pressing problems of this magnificent but very poor country, where many still struggle without healthcare or education, thousands of young girls live in danger of being trafficked, and traditional ways of life are fast disappearing. Vision Nepal exists to bring positive, tangible change to people’s lives.

You may or may not be aware that I have been involved in helping set up & support a Nepalese friend & guide to improve opportunities for his direct family and his community in Eastern Nepal. My last trip to Nepal was in March this year before the earthquake. The objective was to  see firsthand where support was most needed and develop a plan to get funding to those targeted as most in need.plan was made with Padam and was being followed when the earthquake/s hit. It changed everything. From the initial goal of improving education opportunities for the most disadvantaged poor in Eastern Nepal, it has now moved to providing elementary shelter for those with no housing.

The brochures and flyer explain what is needed and our overall objectives:

If you can contribute anything at all it would be greatly appreciated. To minimize expensive transfer fees the money donated into The Vision Nepal account will be transferred to Padam Lama’s account in Nepal each time it reaches $400/- Donate Now,

Thanks for your help

Peter Tingle