Our Vision Mission Goals


A self-empowered and self – sustain society, where all kinds of discrimination are absent. Our vision is foster ongoing and regular communication and interaction between parents, children and We at Vision Nepal aim to equip disadvantaged pupils with the essential skills and abilities for lifelong learning.


Our mission is to empower marginalized communities through enhanced Education, Health and Environment, Income and Basic infrastructure improvement programs with a special focus on children and women by conducting training and research, mobilizing local and international volunteers to promote to Eco-tourism equality and diversity, economic well-being and basic human rights.


  • To improve the livelihoods of rural people by providing immediate support through health care and education services, and to create opportunities in communities for self – empowerment.
  • To improve the quality of formal education services for children & adults in deprived rural communities.
  • To provide education, better health, hygiene practices, support high-quality primary healthcare services.
  • To aid communities in developing safer & sustainable water supply infrastructures, & to train on health & sanitation aspects of water supply.
  • To help with refurbishment of community properties.
  • To support people’s livelihoods, particularly through access to improved agricultural techniques.
  • To do this we need resources. We need money to buy the materials for pupils to learn – things such as books, pens and, papers,
  • We need qualified teachers-teachers who not only teach our students, but who can encourage parental involvement in our program.
  • To assist affected communities in recovery after the devastating earthquakes of 25 April 2015.
  • Nepalese Children
  • Nepalese people with Disabilities’
  • Nepalese Youth

Many of the you people in our target groups in Nepal have potential to excel in education, sports, and technology, however their creativity and future is being imprisoned by socioeconomic factors. It’s sad to say that only a small group of youngsters are bestowed with quality education. Hence it’s the vision of Vision Nepal to support these people so that they can reach their potential and contribute back to the Nepalese community.

Goals of the Vision Nepal Education Program:

  • Encourage and to facilitate the disadvantaged marginalized kids to join school.
  • Provide free education to kids whose parents cannot afford it.
  • Help the kids to become self-reliant for further education after the successful completion of grade 10th.


Roles of Vision Nepal:

  • Contribute certain percentage of Palmu Holidays income to this program.
  • Coordinate the entire Vision Nepal Educational Program in an effective manner.
  • Raise funds necessary to execute the program.