Public Healthcare Program:

Vision Nepal provides the highest possible quality of primary care in remote areas that have no well-functioning services, by supporting existing governmental health centers with improved buildings, essential equipment and medicines, and most importantly, Vision Nepal offers employment to dedicated qualified Nepali staff in governmental health posts in liaison with District Health Offices (D.H.O), Usually these health workers are female “Auxiliary Nurse Midwives” (A.N.M), who have 18 months training and experience in antenatal and delivery care and can supplement the skills of the governmental community health workers.

We also assist governmental staff to stay in their post by giving them extra training, financial incentives and supervision. Many of these health workers are frustrated by the difficulties of providing a good service under challenging conditions and far from easy logistical circumstances. If they are well supported, many government employees are quite happy to return to and remain in their posts.

The responsibilities of Vision Nepal health workers include health education and awareness campaigns, family planning and maternal and child health activities, treatment of most common health problems, and are the first point of call in any health-related emergency. To all intents and purposes they perform the role of rural GP, treating problems from typhoid fever to broken bones to dental care and tooth extractions, and they help to deliver babies safely, either in the health facility or at the woman’s home. Vision Nepal undertake preventative health programs Health awareness is also important and guidance is given on nutrition, worm-infestation, the problems associated with smoke from indoor open fires, safe water and sanitation. The staffs are active leaders in the community and encourage participation and advocacy for health rights.

Oral health is important:

The highest dental clinic in the world serves locals and trekkers in the remote village-and teaches indigenous children how to keep their smiles bright.

Experience a new culture through an adventure of a lifetime while developing and building a healthier, more sustainable, future for the world! You can, through any of Volunteer’s Initiative Nepal’s exciting Public Health Programs. Are you a health professional, student, or a world-conscious and willing volunteer looking to get experience through hands-on opportunities?

Create awareness in local communities in Nepal while experiencing what it’s like to teach and educate in rural communities abroad. Through Vision Nepal Health, Sanitation, and Hygiene Education project, you have the opportunity to be a part of removing barriers to improved health, by providing basic sanitation and hygiene education. During your time as a volunteer you will experience local life in Nepal as you live within a home stay with a Nepali family.

Care for the Elderly with Your Experience and Knowledge:

Are you an experienced volunteer looking to work with the elderly? If so, this is your opportunity to pass on your knowledge to the local people in Nepal. Even if you don’t have much volunteer experience, but are enthusiastically interested, you are still encouraged to apply. As a public health volunteer in Nepal, through Vision Nepal Care for the Elderly program, your knowledge and time will be vital to creating a stronger care system for the future. You will perform health checks, work as a caretaker for the elderly, assist with food preparation and sanitation, organize and conduct recreational activities and more while becoming immersed in the culture of Nepal!

Preserve Nature and Health by Establishing Waste Management Practices:

As a public health volunteer or intern in Vision Nepal Waste Management you will idea and establish best practices for waste management in rural communities in Nepal. Help create and raise awareness of the basic, yet crucial advantages of having and preserving a clean environment. During your time as a volunteer or intern you will live with a local family and experience the wonders of Nepali life as you immerse yourself in the community and culture.

Gain Hands-on Experience by Providing Public Health & Medical Care:

Are you seeking international medical internship or a public health volunteer program abroad? As a volunteer or intern in Vision Nepal Public Health & Medical Care program you will be involved in a variety of hands-on activities such as reviewing patients, taking pulse rates and blood pressure, giving basic counseling, and providing ongoing education on basic public health awareness and hygiene among the local people. You will also have the opportunity to conduct research and public health surveys that will be instrumental in guiding the future direction of the program. During your time as a volunteer or intern you will live in a local community host family, where you will be immersed in the Nepali life, culture, and language.

Dreaming of the adventure that awaits you!

One of the world’s poorest countries and beset with long-term political struggles, Nepal faces many challenges to public health. In the rural communities the government offers few facilities to support the health of its people. Illiterate, many people do not have the means to change their health, sanitation and hygiene practices and remain unaware of the major health risks and how to minimize them.

Look to the streets of Kathmandu. You will see the litter that lines it and the dogs that live among it. Solid waste management across the country remains a major concern and constant threat to public health.

The Main objective at Vision Nepal is the empowerment of marginalized communities, with a focus on those most marginalized, women and children. We have been working in Kathmandu since 2013 and have been begun work with Ramechhap in the Eastern region. Initially in the Phulasi it was estimated that approximately 25/30% of households did not have access to a permanent toilet and levels of hygiene were low.

Health and basic infrastructure are two of the foundations of our work. We have sought to promote these through support of Phulasi local health post, staffing it with a dedicated doctor and nurse, providing education in the community and holding health camps in schools to educate the children and screen for dental, parasite and eye problems. Further, in order to improve health and hygiene and eradicate open defecation. And we have come a long way in Ramechhap has only begun. And how can you help?