Rural Tourism Development

Vision Nepal Rural Tourism Development is a non-political, non-governmental & non-profit social organization, established to develop the rural areas of Nepal mainly by promoting rural tourism and for the development of tourism sector as a whole. Development of Nepal is directly linked with the development of rural Nepal. The Project’s operating in rural areas require enhancement in capacity and skills and the efforts to promote rural awareness and development activities for rural community development need to be simplified. An endeavor by people from different walks of life- social workers, knowledgeable single women, women and youths alike, Vision Nepal RTD was established to mobilize the literate rural youths to initiate practical development and welfare programs aimed at rural communities and to identify, promote and conserve potential tourist destinations. Vision Nepal RTD is also concerned with the wellbeing of the adventurers and visitors. We offer our support to tourists in trouble of any sort during the stay in Nepal. Vision Nepal RTD 20% of money utilizes for the Children’s education and rural communities. Get More Information