Sponsor a child

Give child a loving family and support they need for a happy, healthy childhood. Just £20/ $30/- a month, you can change the child’s life.

You will provide your child with a loving family home in the care of Vision Nepal as well as the best education and healthcare. You can choose to sponsor in over, and our secure sponsorship form makes it easy for you to help a child in need today.

Why sponsor with us?

Why is child sponsorship with Vision Nepal special? Find out how you can make a difference. “I see so many children suffering in the world–but I don’t know how to help” We all see children suffering around the world and want to do something about it. But finding the best way to help can be overwhelming. Millions of children need support, and there are so many charities out there.

How you choose to donate will affect children’s lives:

Whether they go to school, get the medical care they need, and receive the support of loving family. All of these things determine a child’s future. With so much to consider, you need to know the facts about the charity you choose.

How do you make the right decision?

We have been supporting Vision Nepal for about 3 years now. The organization has always seemed to us a reliable, utterly practical, front-line charity. We prefer to send our donations to them in the certain knowledge that not one penny will go astray…………………..

What if a charity could promise?

  • To give a vulnerable child a mother’s love and a nurturing family home
  • Regular updates on your child’s progress
  • Updates on how your donation is being used
  • To be trustworthy and transparent
  • A long history of working locally to deliver support where it’s needed
  • To have a positive and long-term impact on children education their communities?

We would strongly recommend sponsoring a child. There is so much to be gained, by the child of course, but also by the sponsoring family.—Peter Tingle, who sponsors with Vision Nepal Children’s in Nepal

Sponsoring a child with Vision Nepal:

Means you can see the change you make as your child grows up. You can write to your sponsored child in their education, and make extra gifts for birthdays and special occasions. We support children around, and if you want to, you can choose where to sponsor, as well as the age and gender of the child. You can sponsor a child from £20/$30 a month, and 80% of your sponsorship will be used for the care of children. The remaining 20% will help us raise the money we need to reach even more children, and enable us to make sure that we are operating to the highest of standards.

I would urge anyone thinking about sponsoring a child to consider Vision Nepal it’s a great charity Programs We all know how important it is to grow up surrounded by a caring family. This is something we seek for every child we care for.

Our model is simple:

  • We help children whose parents are not there for them.
  • Six to ten children are cared for by Vision Nepal, and they live with family.
  • Together, several of these families make Vision Nepal. Look after children until they are independent adults. The tender love and care these children are able to provide is very moving.
  • Children’s are part of their wider community. Here, we help fragile families to provide a loving environment for the children in their care, by providing guidance and support tailored to the children’s needs.
  • If there is no adequate medical care, we provide it.
  • If there is no school, we build one for the whole community.

But we don’t just send children to school. We ensure they receive quality education and all the support they need to flourish. We don’t just treat children when they’re sick, but work to ensure they are protected against illness. We don’t just put a roof over their heads, but give each child a loving family for life.

Where can you sponsor a child?

In around the world, children are growing up and Vision Nepal’s. Here, looking for them education and they live in a caring family home and enjoy a happy and healthy childhood. In many of these Children it is possible to sponsor a child.

You’re welcome to choose Children to you would like to sponsor a child. Just click on the ‘sponsor online’ button from any page where it appears and mention in the ‘special instructions’. Feel free to say whether you’d prefer to sponsor a boy or girl, and to give a preferred age, and we’ll do our best to match your preferences. If you don’t mind, leave the field blank and we’ll find you a child where the need is greatest.

About Vision Nepal:

Do you agree that every child should belong to a family and grow up with love, respect & security?

This is our mission. Since 2013, we have been working to achieve it:

  • We prevent children from ending up alone by protecting their families.
  • If a child can no longer live with their education, we provide long-term education care in Vision Nepal.
  • We provide quality education and healthcare in these communities.
  • We ensure children’s rights are protected wherever possible.
  • We care for and protect children during crisis and disaster.

Our approach abandoned children a loving home and education:

Children in our care live in a unique community called Vision Nepal’s. Here, they are cared for by a committed Vision Nepal and live with other children as a Vision Nepal. We know each child by name, and support their individual needs until they are independent.

We provide quality education and healthcare:

Each child that lives in Vision Nepal, receives quality education and healthcare. When we Vision Nepal Medical Center, we open the doors to the local community. Children attend Schools.

We support for families at times of emergency:

Our established local networks mean we’re well placed to help children and families during emergencies. Currently we’re providing vital humanitarian aid to families.

Our supporters give vulnerable child hope through child sponsorship:

If you agree that every child should grow up in a loving family home, including those who have lost their parents, the best way to help is to sponsor a child.

You can sponsor in most of the countries where-we-work and will see your sponsor child growing up through the regular updates you receive.

Our values and principles “The splendid work done by Vision Nepal Children’s is charity where deeds speak louder than words”

Buddha teaching school Respect:

Vision Nepal was founded in 2013 to give long-term care to children who had lost their homes or families in the moist War. We continue this work, and as a non- political charity we always respect the religions and cultures of the local community.


Abandoned children require long-term, dedicated support. This means we have to work with central and local governments, who generally have legal responsibility for them. As such, we co-operate with all governments. This method has allowed us to continue to help vulnerable children in places like Nepal where other organizations have had to leave.

Defending children’s rights:

We are a charity which creates nurturing Vision Nepal families, not headlines. We invest in communities, not in media presence. This way, we keep our admin costs low while delivering the best support to children at risk.

If you’re looking for ways to help abandoned children around in the Nepal, have you thought about sponsoring with us? please Contact us