Sustainable Homestay Tourism Product

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Nepal– The escalating number of international tourists visiting Nepal over the years has motivated almost every group to set up their own home-stay and this type of tourism is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Nepal, Home stay tourism, mountainous areas, and home-stay services for groups in mountainous areas that cannot make extensive infrastructural investment but possess an abundance of tourism richness, Home stays are an attractive tourism product.

It entails a tourist living in an ethnic minority household to experience and learn about their way of life including local food and drinks and interaction with family members and friends. The tourist also has an opportunity to take part in daily activities such as cooking, farming and The model is also gaining a firm foothold in the Central Region around Phulasi Village in Province and making a great contribution to the tourism industry in terms of job creation and revenue.

However, due to the lack of sufficient capital and formal governmental assistance mechanism from functional agencies, home-stay is not realizing its fullest potential in Phulasi. This is also why the Vision Nepal is offering guidance for local people on how to establish and operate a home stay business.

Padam expressed his concern about the way some Home-stays have expanded their facilities into something more closely resembling a guest–hosting a large number of visitors at a time (like a hotel) and departing from the intimate essence of the Home-stay.

“Home stay is a complete tourist product, not just an accommodation service. Only when visitors actually integrate into local life from food to daily activities are they really experiencing the Home stay experience.”

Home stay services are developing vigorously in line with the trend of tourism development throughout the world, meeting the needs of the majority of international visitors interested in learning of the ethnic culture.

Tourism views adding that to develop home stay to its fullest the experience should encompass all aspects of everyday cultural life including culture, cuisine, customs, and climate of the ethnic culture.

To ensure that home stay tourism flourishes, this service should only be done by people for their benefit and There is tremendous potential in Home stay as it is fulled by the inherently beautiful natural landscapes, the culture of the indigenous peoples, customs, lifestyles, and the rich culinary culture of the region.

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