Dear Guest/friends, family member, potential donor Vision Nepal Appeal:

You may or may not be aware that I have been involved in helping set up and support a Nepalese friend and guide to improve opportunities for his direct family and his community in Eastern Nepal. My last trip to Nepal was in March this year before the earthquake. The objective was to  see firsthand where support was most needed and develop a plan to get funding to those targeted as most in need.

A plan was made with Padam and was being followed when the earthquake hit. It changed everything. From the initial goal of improving education opportunities for the most disadvantaged poor in Eastern Nepal, it has now moved to providing elementary shelter for those with no housing.

The brochures and flyer explain what is needed and our overall objectives.

If you can contribute anything at all it would be greatly appreciated. To minimize expensive transfer fees the money donated into The Vision Nepal account will be transferred to Padam Lama’s account in Nepal each time it reaches $400/-.

Thanks for your help

Peter Tingle