Vision Nepal Program

Vision Nepal’s founding program has been operating in Kathmandu, Nepal since 2013 and currently supports 5 Children and. We provide for every need for these students, and your donations are integral to making these resources available. For Vision Nepal students in this program, your donations are used for:

  • School fees for English-medium boarding schools in Kathmandu and public school phulasi;
  • Medical costs for regular check-ups, illness and emergency injury;
  • Hygiene and toiletries for the students, including toothbrushes, soap, feminine products, etc.;
  • School supplies for the students, such as books, pens, notebooks, binders, backpacks, etc.;
  • Clothing expenses for all students, including school uniforms, every day wear and holiday gifts;
  • Costs for enrichment programs such as workshops, guest speakers, and field trips. College and University fees for the students in our programs studying in junior college (grades 11-12), and at universities, graduate schools, and technical colleges.

Education Scholarship Program

The Program supports or impoverished children in rural regions most heavily damaged by the 2015 earthquakes. Your donations enable these students to stay in school and get an education, which greatly reduces the risk they will be trafficked or subject to child labor.

Your donations help provide:

  • School fees for reputable, local schools
  • School supplies such as pens, paper, notebooks, and backpacks which we bring to the students
  • Hygiene products such as feminine products, soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste
  • Medical costs

Higher Education Scholarship Program

There are many NGOs working in Nepal to provide education for at-risk children and youth, however, most of them end support when the student turns 16.  Education, especially through college and university, is profoundly life-changing, so Vision Nepal was inspired to create the Higher Education Scholarship Program which supports disadvantaged and marginalized students for college, technical school or university degrees. Vision Nepal remains a helpful resource and stable family environment into adulthood. Students in both the Program and the Rural Education Scholarship Program, as well as other deserving students from Nepal who wish to continue into higher education, can apply for scholarships to attend college, university or technical school education. Tuition and/or board is provided by Vision Nepal based on financial need, merit, motivation, and academic dedication.

The Nepali school system is similar in structure to the British system. ‘High school’ or ‘secondary school’, is finished after grade 10, at which point students can decide if they would like to enroll in a technical school (similar to a vocational school, where the students learn a trade such as construction, plumbing or car mechanics) or progress to ‘college’ (which is roughly equivalent to grades 11 and 12 in the American system). To enter college students must take a standardized test, and if they pass to enroll in one of three areas: math/science, management or humanities. Upon successful completion of college, students can then apply to a three-year university program to obtain their bachelor’s degree or a five-year university program to obtain a master’s or specialized qualification such as a doctor or lawyer.

The adviser ship & Life Skills Programs

Within the Signature Program are the innovative Life Skills and adviser ship Programs, which provide each student with the guidance and skills needed to successfully establish a successful, self-reliant life.

The Life Skills Program prepares the Vision Nepal students for life on their own by teaching them practical, day-to-day skills children would generally learn from their parents or families. The program teaches the students how to manage a home, through lessons in basic budgeting, paying bills, cooking and food shopping and general household chores. The program also provides them with enhanced professional skills through lessons in job interviewing techniques, computer and internet proficiency, and advanced English classes.

Students also participate in the innovative adviser ship Program, which aims to shift the paradigm for at-risk children from a position of an unwanted and marginalized victim, to a life of empowerment, dignity, self-esteem, and self-fulfillment. Adviser ship inspires self-awareness and gratitude by encouraging each student’s individual talents, skills, and passions. The program teaches communication and leadership skills, emotional management, and team building within a community. Most importantly, Vision Nepal adviser ship encourages a mindset of “leaders training leaders.” Giving back to the community is a cornerstone of the Vision Nepal educational philosophy, and our students and graduates give back to the community with a profound sense of gratitude and responsibility.


The Program enrolls students in top-quality; English medium boarding schools, providing them with a strong educational foundation that opens doors to higher education and stable employment. Since one’s family forms the foundation for self-image, relationships, stability and confidence and provides a loving home base where students spend their weekends and holidays.

Once each student graduates high school, they continue to be supported if they secure a position in a university or technical school. With Vision Nepal’s help and guidance, they move into nearby apartments, and, after completing high school or higher education studies, begin working full-time.

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