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Sailung Phulasi trekking is one of the best trekking to explore culture, tradition and the socio-economic life of rural people. Sailung is a cultural and natural adventure trekking in a less touristic destination where the culture and nature remain unspoiled. Sailung trek is rich in natural beauty, bio-diversity and mountain views. In this trekking, the tourists can observe Nepali people from different caste and ethnic background like Tamang,Yolmopa, Bramin, Chhetri, Gurung, Magar, Pahari, Maghhi, Sarki,  Damai and Kami.

Sailung hill lies to the north-east part of the Kathmandu valley. ‘Sai’ means hundred and ‘Lung’ means the hills in Nepali language. Because of the presence of hundreds of hill in this area, people started saying this trek as Sailung trekking. Sailung trekking reaches until Thulo (high) Sailung at the height of (3,145)m, which is the best point to view long-range of snowcapped mountains, including the Mt. Everest.

Trekking in Sailung Phulasi. Individual trekkers or groups should follow the set menu, lodging fee and other services of the committee. However the visitor has choices to accept either some or all the activities of the package. We build on already-existing opportunities for generating income. We train and support village women’s cooperatives to offer tourists Traditional Sustainable Home stays, contribute to the hygienic, ecologically friendly, and sustainable operation of these facilities. Local people would get direct benefit from home stay programs

Home stays Experiences Adventure, Natural beauty and caring for the environment-how often does one get an opportunity to help their environment when they go on holiday? With Vision Nepal Home stays, you can. Here’s a concept that wraps travel, tourism and ecological development into one attractive and out-of-the-world experience. Home stays offer you a unique opportunity to stay with and share the culture of the Phulasi people in remote villages, while trekking through the rugged habitat of the lap of Mt Gaurishanker range. By staying with the local’s of phulasi, you help them generate income from tourism activities in their region.

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Fundraising & Awareness: Every year, groups of Vision Nepal supporters join together to raise funds for Vision Nepal’s programs or simply to expand awareness about the mission and activities of the Foundation. Sometimes these focus on a specific cause or program and sometimes not. Tour & Trekking continents have held Benefit, often involving local sponsors, and independent fundraising events held around the world raised  Other events have increased interest in the Foundation in specific communities, raising general awareness of the Foundation’s work.

Groups sponsoring such events have presented concerts, dinners, annual picnics, sales, and more-each with its own flavor, reflecting the desire to have fun and help others in the process. While the Vision Nepal does not sponsor these fundraising events, support is available in the way of materials, information, photos, promotion on this site and when possible, contact with others who have put on similar events. The Independent Fundraising Team welcomes you to contact them for any help, suggestions or requests via the help desk at this website. This gives you a brief look at what hundreds have accomplished by organizing special events and exciting initiatives that resulted in thousands of dollars donated to Vision Nepal.

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The best time for Sailung trekking is February to May and August to November each year.