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11058357_122669738079919_2617239426200362375_nEconomically: Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and yet one of the richest in landscape, wildlife and culture.  Nepal has been one of the top 10 destinations for the adventurers. Year upon year volunteers and trekkers come here to give their time and to experience all that Nepal has to offer.  At Vision Nepal, we recognize that your time is precious and while you want to give it to help developing Nepal, you also do not want to miss the chance to explore.  In response, we have designed the Adventure and Volunteer Programs, allowing you to volunteer and explore and trek safe in the knowledge that the staff at Vision Nepal have carefully arranged the details.

pashupati mandirVision Nepal Volunteer Program allow you to participate in natural based activities which have the power to enhance lives in unique and positive ways. You get chance to engage in Volunteer Trekking and Volunteer Travel Tours under this program. It helps you in healthy character development and self-discovery through challenge and adventure. So you will be giving back to the community in need while exploring the natural beauty of the country. Nepal is home to Nepal Himalaya which includes 10 of the 14 highest mountain peaks on the earth. Mt. Everest, the highest of them all at 8,848 meters, can be yours to look at, photograph and admire in the world.  Since Nepal’s borders were opened in 1949, this small, landlocked country has become the ultimate destination for trekking and volunteering to the adventurous global population.  But the mountains are only one of the draws: explore the temples and stupa, or Nepal hosts some of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in the world; explore the great rivers by kayak or raft, fly above Everest and the Annapurna’s, Paragliding in Pokhara or take a jungle safari, landscape of Chitwan or enjoy the Himalaya from Nagorkot.

11Vision Nepal Main objective is the empowerment of marginalized communities: with a focus on children education programs and women. Since early 2013, Vision Nepal has been implementing its integrated community development works in rural communities outside of Kathmandu valley and has begun implementation in Ramechhap, the Eastern Region. Our Adventure and Volunteer Projects help to fund our community work. All the profit from running these opportunities is used to support our efforts in marginalized communities. Whether your heart is in the mountains, the stupors or in the flat lands and hillsides, Vision Nepal can enable you to lend a hand as a volunteer without missing out on the brilliance and diversity of amazing Nepal. Contact Us