Why with Vision Nepal

We are fully insured to cater your adventure trips:

Vision Nepal is Nepal Based Local Travel and Adventure Leading which is run and operated by the most experienced, dedicated and professional team of local guides professionals.

Village tourism experienced local and knowledge:

Vision Nepal is the team of local experienced leaders. All of our Leaders are more 23 years of route experienced, licensed & authorized to work for tourism in Nepal. Our leaders are Passionate to works for our Himalayas, and they are dedicated to the trip they would be signed in and their excellent local knowledge of Himalayas, local peoples, culture and traditions are very excellent as they are the part of the Himalayan community since birth till date.

Our guides are well trained, experienced, fluent English speaking, altitude trained, first aid and Eco trained so they are the most qualified leaders to your trip. Our guides have the most updated information about the mountains, peoples, local culture and traditions. They are the part of the mountains culture and traditions so they could take you in a very insight of the local life than anyone else.

Our leaders are very honest and familiar to the local tea house/ guest house and helpful to the local community so that they get each and every help from the locals in Himalayas if they deem which is very important. If you leader is not familiar in mountains and the peoples, they could create a problem to your trip as well because it could happens that local do not like them anymore and they are mostly refused by the locals so they are isolated from the Himalayan community thus you as well being their customers in Himalayas so it is very important issue as well.

Also, at our every trip, our trek leader carry enough medicine for our every trip and help locals with the required medicine to their basic health issue such as blister, eye drops, medicine of headache, AMS, Diarrhea, etc. so our help to the local life is valued.

At Vision Nepal, we do not only use our staff for our trips but they are our backbone so we also care to them at every aspect of their life. Our every staff is insured against the accident, medical expenses, air ambulance which ensures that they are safe on our trips at every way.

Prompt replies and correct information:

As you are planning this trip of lifetime, the quick replies to your every inquiries and the correct information to the trip is very important. We are always upfront to reply you with your required information on time and explain you the trip more in details as per the local conditions.

Selling trip is not our intention, we would like to provide the real information about the mountains, Himalayas and local conditions of trekking and aware the travelers about their every aspect of the trekking and mountaineering such as the difficulty, conditions of walking, weather and visibility conditions, temperature etc. so that travelers would exactly know what to expect while they would be in a trip with us which would help them to prepare to the trip as per the conditions required and it ultimately lead to the safety and successful trips.

Personalized and professional service:

We are always dedicated to our every trip to our Himalayas and assure a best professional and personalized care to the trip to every individual to ensure safety, comfort and successful trip. Also, we do provide flexibility to our every travelers as per the conditions of their health and fitness and use our professional local team to work as per the every need of our travelers so you are very much in to the very professional locals, thus in a safe hands.

Best possible accommodation and food:

At our every trip, we always ensure the standard accommodation to our travelers to assure them a comfort stay. While staying at Kathmandu, we provide 3 star standard hotels with luxury bed, 24 hrs. of hot and cold shower and while on trekking in Himalayas, we always provide the best possible Mt. lodge/ Tea House at our every trip. We do provide fresh, hygienic foods to your every trip with us. And we do also have very good choice of foods to your trip.

Guarantee to run your trip:

All our advertised trips are guaranteed departures. We will never cancel a trip once you’ve booked with us, so once you booked, then your trip is guaranteed to run as per our scheduled date and time, program as accordingly. This would ensure that your trip would be guaranteed to run and provide you worry free travel arrangement.

Flexible payment option and security of your money:

We are very flexible to your trip payment with any Vision Nepal trips. To reserve your trip with us, as an initial deposit, you do only need to send us 25% deposit to the trip cost and with this 25% we confirm your trip. Remaining balance payment of the trip could be paid only after arrival to Kathmandu before the trip starts. You could use credit card/master card/debit card/ visa card for payment to your trip with Vision Nepal, or you could also do bank wire transfer to pay to your trip with us.

No hidden cost:

Our prices offered in every trip include all the cost of hotels, airport pickups and required transport on the trip, all the permits and national park fees, full board of meals & accommodation while on trekking and jungle safari, all the entrance fees, applicable Gov. and local tax, and of course, the services of our professional local guide staff. At our every trip, we do have section of price tab where you have absolute information of what our price covers and what not. What we have offered cost is our fixed cost and it has no any hidden cost/ additional fees applied to your trip beyond that.

Safety trips:

Your trip safety, success and satisfaction of the trip are a prime concern at Vision Nepal so our safety set up to your every trip is second to none. We never compromise on quality and safety trip, at our every trip we do always have back up plan/ team for the assistance for any emergency cases.

No matter if you travelling alone, if you are a single lady or travelling with your family, we always ensure a great safety, and arrange all the safety precaution for your trip to make it a trip of truly a secured lifetime with us.

Safety of our local guides:

Also, our guides, assistance guides and all the field staff are 100% ensured against the possible accident, with medical care and if they are disabling from our trip to their life in future, Vision Nepal fully take responsible to his life and his family associated.

Responsible travel (aware socially, environmentally):

Vision Nepal is committed to Responsible Travel and true sustainability. It was a commitment formed when the company was established, and today, in the face of a multitude of threats to the environment, our commitment is stronger than ever. We aim to ensure that our destinations retain their natural character and cultural diversity for future generations as it is. This vision can only be achieved with the support of all of our travelers and our team effort.

We encourage our customers to be sensitive when it comes to both photography and dress code, urging travelers to respect difference, privacy, and modesty. We also consider the effects of tourism on our destinations and promote responsible travel on our trips. Vision Nepal doesn’t just serve the community; Vision Nepal is a part of the community. We work in with grassroots organizations. We take our work seriously and are committed to excellence in everything we do. This is the approach and attitude we practice in serving the local communities in Nepal.