Youth Empowerment

Interns to join Vision Nepal Youth Empowerment Program to inspire and encourage Nepal’s youth. Engage them in community development or give them vital social and professional skills; you will help to bring positive change to their lives and to that of their community by participating in youth volunteer program.

Vision Nepal also joint with Hamro Aviyan Samasj Sewa Yuba Club:

Life Skills, English & Career Development, And Youth Entrepreneurship projects under Youth Empowerment program with an objective of developing skillful youth manpower in our community sites by the help of our local and international volunteers and encourage them to participate in socio-economic activities of the society.

The youth of Nepal face significant challenges:

As they emerge into adulthood. Many leave school without their School Leaving Certificate (SLC); the national pass rate for 2013 being a miserable 41.57 percent, 6 percent lower than the previous year. Pass or fail, politically and economically unstable Nepal holds few prospects. Skilled and unskilled, many leave for foreign countries, casting a black shadow across the future of Nepal.

Vision Nepal’s main objective:

The empowerment of marginalized communities, focusing on children, youth & women. We have been working with Village Development Committee (V.D.C), since 2013 and have begun to initiate work in Phulasi – Ramechhap district, in the Eastern region. We believe that youth empowerment of community is essential for the empowerment of the entire community. They are the immediate future, full of potential to support community programs, such as Children’s Development and Women’s Empowerment and to develop them, given training and skills.

Vision Nepal seeks volunteers and interns:

To support on our youth volunteer programs and help to develop the social and professional skills of community youth, helping to build their confidence to deal with problematic situations and ensuring that they become active in the community, promoting Eco-tourism and change.

Working in Youth Empowerment Program:

Like Youth Club, Life Skills, English and Career Development and other vocational courses, you too will become a part of the community. You will live with a Nepali host family, immersed in their rich culture and language and face to face with their challenges.

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